Update 2014-02-22, The power is MINE!


Content changes:

  • The delay between messages for Ferumbras raid have been significantly increased. This should allow players who have not logged out in the area or been waiting there enough time to arrive at the tower.
  • The chance to break a jar in Horestis? tomb has been decreased. Moreover, players who have logged out in the tomb will now login in temple.
  • Griffinclaw flower no longer blooms immediately after the server save. It has been changed to happen at a random time (daily).
  • Tutors can now mute players in Advertising, English Chat and World Chat for using the channels inappropriately.
  • Added pagination to inbox.
  • Scythe of the Reaper is now an axe weapon.
  • Corym Vanguards will now run on low health.
  • Updated the loot of Infernalists.
  • Polar bears now drop polar bear paw instead of bear paw.
  • Updated the beth deck of the boat house in Greenshore.
  • You can now use blessed wooden stake on dead vampire bride and vampire viscount.
  • Updated the description of pair of earmuffs.
  • Thais museum is now protection zone.
  • Fixed the bugs where you could not walk over some carpets in Razachai.
  • Fixed the doors in Snaketower.
  • Fixed the weight attribute of black candles.
  • Fixed a few market bugs.
  • Fixed a lot of map bugs.

Shop changes:

  • The following rewards have been added to people who have purchased a significant amount of shop coins:
    • 2500 shop coins: Armoured Scorpion Mount
    • 5000 shop coins: Armoured Cavebear Mount
    • 7500 shop coins: Armoured Dragonling Mount
    • 10000 shop coins: Armoured Lion Mount
  • The following items have had their prices adjusted to better fit their ingame value:
    • Dark Trinity Mace now costs 35 shop coins.
    • The Epiphany now costs 40 shop coins.
    • Thorn Spitter now costs 10 shop coins.
    • Blade of Corruption now costs 15 shop coins.
    • Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness, Squeezing Gear of Girlpower and Whacking Driller of Fate now cost 16 shop coins.
    • Depth Galea now costs 30 shop coins.
    • Depth Ocrea now costs 10 shop coins.
    • 10 major crystalline tokens now cost 25 shop coins.
    • Elementalist outfit addons now cost 300 shop coins.
    • Deepling outfit addons now cost 350 shop coins.
  • The following items have been added to the shop:
    • Ornamented Brooch for 20 shop coins.
    • Undead Cavebear mount for 350 shop coins.
  • The following items have been removed from the shop:
    • Depth Scutum

Kind regards,
The TwifySoft Team

LunarForce 1-year Anniversary

Anniversary Day

Join us on Friday, 14th February on LunarForce to celebrate the one year anniversary of the server. There will be events with prizes, and there will also be items for everyone who is participating.

Be at the Open-Air Theatre (south west from Thais, between south-west gate and the Lighthouse) on LunarForce around 20:00 CET to not miss out on anything! We will be broadcasting more information before it begins, and throughout the events.

Kind regards,
The TwifySoft Team